Friday Link Round-Up

Some fitness and running related links from around the web:

A Sampling of the Gross Shit That Has Happened to My Body Since I Started Running

It me, especially the toenails. Last fall, I got a wet massage and body scrub at a Korean spa with a dangling pinky toenail. When I went into the massage/scrub, the toenail was still there. When I emerged, it wasn’t.

Strave Launches New Interactive Running Data Tool

Good job, NYC. Sorry my longer runs are slowing you down. I started using Strava in June after getting my GPS watch, having used MapMyRun on my iPhone for the years prior. I love how connected I feel to all my friends and followers and club members. But boy are my non-marathon training missed-a-workout ways ever apparent on there.

Ronda Rousey’s Next Fight Body Image in Hollywood

I don’t really follow UFC, but this has certainly been Ronda’s year for more mainstream media attention. I’m now deep int a rabbit hole of looking up the different weight classes for UFC (there isn’t yet one at my weight for women).

Hallie from Coral and Cognac’s Fitness Instructor Guide to Workout Gear

Yes, finally! Hallie is a SoulCycle instructor, so I’ve been waiting for her recs. I definitely have different activewear (and shoe) needs based on whether I’m running, spinning, lifting, or doing yoga. On that note, I wore these mesh panel crops to the gym and to spin and felt super cool in my first foray into mesh. Only $30! I got a M and the hipband required some stretching, so I think I’d go for the tall M next time. Now for some strappy sports bras to show off under racerback tanks.

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