Training Recap 9/28-10/4

Mileage? What mileage? I’m not tapering quite yet, so this week was painfully short on runs but high on wedding-related fun. And sleep. I went to bed before 11pm every night (wedding night excluded) but somehow just didn’t wake up early to run. Gif below is of “nth week of training # of runs”. Nothing to see here, folks. It is also the longest tumbleweed .gif I’ve ever found.

I managed 2 miles of speedwork on the treadmill Wednesday, then an Open Align class at Bend and Bloom Yoga after a light dinner. I had tried out Gentle Flow and Restorative the previous week and found it very relaxing and gentle on the Achilles. This one promised to be “a great class for those recovering from injuries”, but more active overall. The instructor was a substitute but I liked her blend of being both soothing and spunky. We finished with working on shoulder stands, which I haven’t tried in months. I had a few awkward collapses, but ended up getting into it and eventually into plow pose. I’m planning on trying their Sweet Relief class next, which has an hour of vinyasa flow, then 30 minutes of yin and stretches. Too bad it’s on Friday nights.

I’m excited to announce that this workweek will include a belated long run, tempo run, strength training, and my first crack at a boxing class. Oh, and the Staten Island 5K on Sunday.

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