The Weeks in Workouts and Food 5/15-6/11

This is truly one of those ‘no news is good news’ situations.

I had been worried about my relatively low mileage the weeks after Broad Street Run and before the Brooklyn Half. We had a brief heat wave for a few days before the Half, which was very worrisome but kept my easy runs easy.

Mileage and running and food highlights from this month:

5/15-5/21: 21.9 miles, including a half marathon PR. Volunteered at the Brooklyn Half expo and had a great time. Went to Hey Hey Canteen twice and have now tried most of their menu.


5/22-5/28: 21.8 miles, including leading an 8 mile group run to Red Hook and not getting us lost. Had a strawberry matcha boba from The Boba Guys and it was heavenly. Tried a red velvet cake concrete from Shake Shack and had to put it in the freezer for the next day because it was so intense. Had Xi’an Famous Foods’ spicy cumin lamb noodles and the cucumber salads, which are my must-orders. Wow, I really need to take pictures of all my delicious food.

5/29-6/4: 12.4 miles, including 6.2 on my birthday 6/2. I ate a lot of amazing stuff this week, including pastrami from Ben’s Best in Rego Park, a Yelp Elite Event at Atlantic Social and some of Dale Talde’s amazing wings, AYCE hot pot, stuffed croissants from Union Fare, Ample Hills, and some of the many Momofuku Milk Bar and gummi treats my friends got me. Also, I saw Hamilton.


6/5-6/11: 17.7 miles, including a new 5K PR then a trip to Miami.

Easy miles during Open Run in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

New 5K PR time of 25:37 on the 7th aka Global Running Day. I’m now imagining what I could do with more even splits and without that first mile hill. 

I took it easy on the first mile, then decided to loosen up on the second, then see what I had left on the third. My previous 5K PR was 26:10 on the same course and I had a faster first mile there and a third mile at 7:55 which was my fastest mile ever in a race. 

Needless to say, seeing 7:40something was wild, especially since my recent mile PR was 7:19. I’m definitely gunning for my next mile time and 5Ks later this summer.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 9.48.32 PM

In Miami the 8th-11th, we feasted. Had my new obsession, cuatro leches cake at a Cuban spot. Tried Haitian food. Had Cuban tacos from a stand after viewing murals in Wynnwood. Got the fried chicken, watermelon, and waffles at Yardbird. Went to da club. Got Vietnamese and Sri Lankan as my first meals back in NYC. East Coast Appetite, what can I say?

I also went on a humid 6 mile run along the South Beach and mid-beach boardwalk then got an açai bowl afterward.


Brooklyn Half 2017 Recap

Spoiler alert: I got a PR and did it under 2 hours with a time of 1:58:54.

I was hoping for more course photos but there were only a few of me from the finish from GameFace plus a couple more that teammates took along the way.

This was my 7th half marathon and my 3rd in 2017 (I did 3 in 2015 and 1 in 2016). My first was 2:10:08 and some along the way were during injures (Nike San Francisco Women’s Half Race Recap) or lower training periods where the race wasn’t a goal race (Weekly Mileage (and food) recaps 1/16 – 2/19) but I’m glad to finally be in the 1:50:00s.

Getting in the corrals:


It’s definitely harder to write about this so many weeks later, but the splits tell the story. I held back a little up the hills but tried to keep a steady pace. My splits averaged out to be just about 9:09 or under and I knew I was on pace when I exited the park.


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.25.19 PM

I was still rolling on Ocean Parkway, even when the cheering crowds thinned out substantially. I was pretty sure I had a PR in the bag and sped up to lower 9 minute miles, then was able to drop below 9 for the final few miles. That last mile got to be painful but I felt like that meant I was doing it right. My struggle up the boardwalk was apparent and my final “0.2” was at an 8:23 pace.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.30.50 PM

I collected my medal, got a bag with yellow Gatorade that I traded some dude for because he had blue Gatorade (best flavor). Then I tried to get my stuff. Well, turned out the truck with my stuff had broken down and it wasn’t there yet. They gave us heat sheets and vouchers for a free hot dog but eventually it pulled up so I could put my jacket on. Then the rain started, just as I finally pulled up to our club’s beach picnic.


Relieved to finally get our bags

Eric photo


The Week in Workouts and Food 5/8 – 5/14

5/8: After a triumphant Broad Street Run on Sunday, we got some Tony Luke’s on the way out of Philly. Cheesesteaks, roast pork, and fried cheese curds.


Then I had tickets with some Californian friends to see the SF Giants play the Mets (my NY team of choice). Obviously, I got Shake Shack at Citi Field. I love trying the different concrete flavors at all the different Shake Shack locations (ok, so I’ve only been to a couple of non-NYC spots) and the Citi Field one is solid. I should really take more photos, though.

5/9: 4.5 miles at The Distance at Mile High Run Club. I was hoping to beat my old best in this class of 5.5 miles but my calves were screaming. I ended up hopping off to foam roll after the first mile or two then taking it slower overall. I finally felt warmed up by mile 3 and got some of my sprints closer to usual (~8.0 miles per hour or higher). This was my one ClassPass class for this month since I put my membership on hold to focus on running. Go figure I used it on a running class.

5/10: Rest day and I went to Trapizzino then Soft Swerve with my (Yelp) friends Allison and Lori. I had the chicken and oxtail trapizzinos and a broccoli arancini at Trappizino. At Soft Swerve, I had the Jersey City, which is their ube and coconut ice creams swirled, then topped with toasted coconut, dotted with mochi, and a free waffle chip with Yelp check-in.

5/11: 5 miles total of Speedwork at Red Hook Track. I got about 1 mile of warmup, 3 x 1 mile repeats, then 1 mile of cooldown. I tried to take it easy since my calves/shins were still tight. Due to the track and me still being bad at pressing lap then stop, my splits were 100m off from where my watch beeped. First mile split was ~9:20, second was ~8:40, and third was ~8:30. I want to try to do future workouts like this in the lower-to-mid 8’s.

5/12: Rest day.

5/13: Was hoping for an easy 3 but it was pouring all day. Scrapped the idea of going to the gym by 11am and just foam rolled. And ate almost an entire pint of birthday cake Halo Top ice cream.

5/14: Last long run before Brooklyn Half and I forgot to pack a gel and also just wanted to take it easy. Calves were STILL feeling tight, but felt better after the first few miles. Ended up doing 9.2 total. Of course I felt great on the final 1, but to be fair, it was all downhill.

After shower and foam rolling, I baked some marshmallow chocolate chip cookies. 

Total: 19.1 miles out of a predicted 27. Harumph. Let’s just pretend I’m very well-tapered.

The Week in Workouts and Food 5/1-5/7

So I’m overdue on race reports for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and the UAE 10K but will be racing a 10 Miler (Broad Street Run), Half (Brooklyn), and likely a nice flat 10K (Memorial Day) in the next few weeks AND also have no race photos.

5/1: Rest day

5/2: NYRR Open Run where Elle generously paced me for 8:30s. I warmed up for 2 miles to get there and was feeling ok in terms of breath, water, and nutrition, having finally tried a Picky Bar around 6pm. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Open Run course has changed since last year and there was a different still modified course when I ran it a few weeks ago due to pier closure and police activity. So of course I got confused at the turnaround and started heading to the left. Whoops! That slowed us down a bit, but Elle got me back on pace. The volunteers got my time as a 25:58 but I had 26:14. Either way is close to a PR. I’m trying to pick a fast, flat 5K in the next few weeks to race to get that sub-26.

I look like death warmed over in the photos (unflattering to the mind, body, and spirit) but had a great time. Elle was such a positive pacer and I will totally vouch for her abilities to stay steady while being super encouraging.

You can see my slow point of confusion in both the map and the pace chart below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.59.44 PM

5/3: I started the day off with a hunt for kosher black and white cookies (thanks, Moishe’s in the East Village) for a coworker’s birthday. Our team had rounded up several other kosher baked goods, so I ended up eating one huge cookie to myself over many hours, since I had carefully sliced them up to get both the black and white icing sides.

4 mile recovery run to E’s for dinner. I got a little lost taking a different-than-usual route to Ocean Parkway and had to stop and ask someone at the firehouse. I figured it out for now, but will try and see if any of the other bridges or routes are more efficient.

5/4: Speedwork, week 4. We did a 1.4 mile warm up, then drills (bunny hops are my favorite), 12 short hill repeats with a jog back down the hill, then a 1.4 mile cool down. I forgot to include some of the jogs, but total mileage was a bit short of 5 miles (4.7 or so).

5/5: Rest day.

5/6:  3 miles shakeout run around Gowanus before hopping in the car to head to Philadelphia for the Broad Street Run.

5/7: Broad Street Run 10 Miler. Spoiler alert: new PR of 1:29:17. Total redemption from Cherry Blossom. There are no course photos of me just yet (except for one where you can see the back of my head) but hopefully those pop up soon. No warm up or cool down, but I did get in another few miles of walking around after, trying to find my teammates and get to brunch.


Total: 26.6 miles over 5 runs, out of an expected 23-25 miles.

The Week in Workouts and Food 4/24-4/30

4/24: I donated platelets, which turns out takes a lot more time than whole blood donation. I was starving during and after and finally got to Junior’s for a pastrami reuben, disco fries, and a shared slice of red velvet cheesecake. Ate it all so fast that no pictures exist.

4/25: I was fairly prepped and ready for an easy 3 on the treadmill since it was pouring outside, but stopped by the Book of Mormon lottery and was successful. So we scrapped the gym plan, stopped by City Kitchen for ilili box gyros and Dough donuts, then caught the show. Book of Mormon was great and made me psyched for Hamilton on June 3rd. So soon!

4/26: I made it home from a long work day in the Bronx (after spending Tuesday in Staten Island) and had plans to do a park loop but just could not bring myself to get out there. I put my GPS watch on and everything but had to take it off around 7 and admit defeat.

4/27: I had evening plans for Book Club instead of guided Speedwork, so I did an ‘easy’ loop around the park in the morning, about 2 hours later than usual. Holy humidity. 5.4 miles,

4/28: Rest day, but I was introduced to the below Austrian cookies (well, there’s no cookie part really, so not sure what they count as) and now have requests to bring them to Book Club and work. I’m going to try to pop them in the freezer to make mini Bluth’s frozen bananas.

4/29: Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild “5K”. So a 5K is the remaining distance I have left to PR this spring (10K, 10 Mile, Half Marathon, and 4 Miler done). I wisely decided not to make this race my attempt based on the humidity and the company and I’m so glad. The course was pretty boring at first (a lot of parking lot out and back in the first mile), then we saw some zebras and giraffes. There was a smattering of other animals. All the money raised went back into the zoo and conservation efforts.

My goal was to run at a pace that kept my heart rate down and didn’t get me too sweaty. We stayed conversational the whole time, but with high humidity and climbing temperatures, sweat was unavoidable.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.23.50 AM

The post-race spread was amazing (apples AND oranges, bagels AND muffins), then later there was pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches and ice cream. We dropped stuff off at the car then puttered around another good chunk of the zoo to see some lions, bears, and red pandas (oh my).


At night, I joined some teammates to cheer on the Red Hook Crit 5K and some of the bike races. It was so much fun to cheer this because the energy of the runners and the crowd was great (we were given cowbells and also brought our own). I could only stay for some of the women’s cyclists but witnessed the pileup right in front of us. I plan to make a full evening out of it next year (but will probably not run it if we’re being honest).

4/30: Church of the Sunday Long Run. I got lucky that Carly had joined and also wanted 10 miles in my pace range of 10:30. We ended up going a little slower then had to pause a couple times while I once again tried to figure out the best route from DUMBO to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I accidentally cut the route a little short from going up Kent Ave. so we included 2/3 of a park loop and ended at Juice Press for our free juice.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.26.47 PM.png

Somewhere way above and over from my hand is the Williamsburg Bridge

Total: 18.9 miles out of a planned 22-27.

The Week in Workouts & Food 4/17 – 4/23

4/17: Rest and recuperation after my half marathon the day before. I slumped home after work then did my taxes. I should have foamed rolled while doing them.

4/18: Cafe Boulud with a friend. We saw Chef Boulud making the rounds to the VIP tables and I had a lovely conversation with the sommelier about young reds and fish pairings. Every dish was amazing. I had gone to Bar Boulud after the NYC Marathon and stuffed myself with oysters, cheese, and terrine. Cafe Boulud was a step above.

4/19: PureBarre in the AM and restorative yoga in the PM. I really wanted to get a few miles done in the evening but my left Achilles tendon was a bit tender. It started drizzling as I left yoga (which got out late), so that was even more impetus to skip. I’ve never done two classes in a day before, but this was the last day in my ClassPass cycle. I took my membership back down to 1 a month because 5 will be too much while I’m trying to increase the volume of my mileage more into the 20’s.

4/20: Speed Training, Week 2. I ran a hair over 2 miles to get to the meeting spot, another 2 mile warmup, then 3 1-mile repeats around tempo pace (8:54, 9:03, 8:39). My splits were super uneven because I took the second one too easy in the first 800, but my third was closer to my 5K pace. Then I jogged up the hill to get to a pizza party.

4/21: Rest day, as my Fridays almost always are.

4/22: I slept in past 8am (a first for many weekends) then had to hustle to bake Funfetti cookies for a baby shower, so I missed my opportunity for a shakeout run.

4/23: NYRR Run As One 4 Miler in Central Park. I DNS this race last year and haven’t raced a 4 Miler since the Japan Day Run almost a year ago (thanks to DNS Al Gordon in February), so I was pretty sure it was time for a 4-mile PR. My friend Jay who is normally in the E corral ahead of me generously offered to pace me. I didn’t have enough time to do a warm-up mile, so my first mile was really slow. I was hoping to get it at 9 but it was pretty congested going up Cat Hill. I let loose on the 2nd mile, then tried to rein it in just a bit on the 3rd mile. Then Jay helped me go all out on the 4th mile. For the last 800, I saw sub-7 on my watch. Very exciting stuff!

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.56.13 PM

Afterward, I waited for my friend who’s training for the Buffalo Marathon and we ran an extra 4 miles.


Total: 16.9 miles plus yoga and barre.

The Week in Workouts & Food 4/10 – 4/16

4/10: Fly 45 at FlyWheel which I hadn’t been to since June 2016, before I put ClassPass on hold for marathon training. This was meant to be a recovery ride after Sunday’s 10K, but of course I tried to break my own old record. I ended up tying my past top power score but missing my distance record by over a mile. Guess I was too focused on the resistance and winning races.

4/11: NYRR Open Run in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I was ‘pacing’ my roommate for her third run ever. I got to see Elle and Bandit (!!), my favorite running pup. The course was altered due to police presence at Pier 1, so we did doubles of Pier 5, which ended up making it a little over 3.2. My roomie is getting faster (from 12 min/mile pace to 11in the last few weeks for 3 miles) and I’m so excited for her to race her next 5K. This ended up being the recovery run I needed and the weather was a glorious 69 degrees complete with a beautiful sunset.

4/12: PureBarre in the morning because clearly all the running and spin means it’s time for my abs to hurt. But seriously, this is a great workout because it activates my glutes and has built-in time for planks and push-ups. I frequently get the urge to do planks right around 2pm in the office when I’m wearing a pencil skirt, so it’s good to have an outlet outside of the gym.

4/13: Speed Training, Week 1. I did about 2 miles as a warm-up, then there was another 2 miles of warm-up built in. The workout was “just” 2 miles between threshold and tempo pace. That’s it, just 2. Well, I went out too fast downhill at my 5K pace then bonked on the second miles which had some very slight uphills. My allergies were not helping and I should have eaten something after work, but damn that second mile sucked. Good thing we did planks after the cool-down?

4/14: Rest Day. In a perfect world, Mondays and Fridays would be my rest days (but I would be running 4 of the other days and cross-training one of those other days). There would also be more grill your own Japanese BBQ and s’mores at Gyu-Kaku’s amazing happy hours.


4/15: I wanted to do a shakeout run before the half but didn’t. Hmm. At least the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is getting good!


4/16: Flushing Meadows Half: Oh god oh god why. Race report probably not on deck because I would not like to relive the heat and sun and the puking and the feeling of “wow this is already hard at mile 2”. This was supposed to be a redemption attempt for NYC Half to go sub-2 or a bit of a tune-up for Brooklyn Half. It was a mental and physical slog on an unseasonably warm day. Fortunately, I had the best one-man cheer squad/road crew and the occasional sighting of other teammates and friends. They took me from the DNF I was leaning toward to completion. And then I got a mango slush and dim sum afterward which really helped recovery.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 8.01.07 AM

Someone pointed out that it looks like a flamingo sitting on a rock

I held my desired half pace for the first few miles but after 4, it all went downhill. I had to confer to see if I should keep going before the second loop (aka a couple miles around the lake then the final 5K which has more of the sights). The park was starting to get crowded with Easter celebrants and we were running alongside cars trying to park near the lake for a while which was a bit unnerving. Who expects to almost get doored during a race?


I started off without a visor and did NOT want any photos my my struggle, thank you very much


Doing much better on the last few miles and with a visor on


Trying to hustle to a strong finish


A hard-earned medal but only my 3rd worst half marathon time (and 4th best, I suppose)

Let’s hope Brooklyn Half goes a lot better.

Total: 23.3 miles and some spin and barre. Not enough foam rolling.