Summer Running, Vol 1

After returning from my honeymoon in Greece, I just didn’t run much for a week. Mentally, it was a weird adjustment into the new house (even though we didn’t move far) and just not feeling like I wanted to move my body. So then of course, I lost some fitness. I managed to get one week of a solid build, then it was time to taper for the Queens 10K. You can see the solid progress during my coaching block mid-December through March (with some taper time), then my slackening off after the NYC Half (and again during wedding/move/honeymoon).

I survived the Queens 10K and hit my second fastest 10K ever, though of course I was hoping for a PR. I went out too fast the first mile (8:15 on my watch at the mile marker, GPS slowly got more off on the splits), then my middle miles were rough. I dry heaved at mile 3.6 and finally had to start taking water and Gatorade from the aid stations.

Queens 10K 2022 Splits

The weather was really good/lucky for mid June, too. I wore my Next% for some boost but was still feeling it in my legs the last mile. I had a 9 mile long run before tapering but more consistency and more long runs would have been better.

Things I feel good about:

  • This time last year, I was coming off a base of 0 miles. Now I have many more solid months of running behind me.
  • I’ve been consistently strength training and progressing with my lifts.
  • I’m using MacroFactor to track my food; still not eating enough protein but have taken down my sweets consumption more days of the week. Going hard at the Farmers Market for fresh produce too.
  • Taking a multivitamin daily and Iron pills as well (was able to donate platelets again June 24th)

Things I don’t feel as good about:

  • Summer running. I can handle the humidity (as a Southerner) but not the sun. I’m getting up earlier now after a disastrous recent “long” run that I cut short.
  • Races. I would like to get a 5K PR in the next few months but I think I need to get better heat acclimated first. My next definite race is the NYRR Harlem 5K in August. I may also try for a 1 Mile PR to n August or September.

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