Summer Running, Volume 2

I’m currently rethinking all my August/September races after getting hit with Covid July 7. My husband caught it and brought it back from a work trip to Indiana. His worst symptoms were that Tuesday and Wednesday but I didn’t feel a thing until Thursday night when fatigue hit me fast. I tested positive the next morning and spent all weekend at home.

I wisely took some time off of running (and the gym) then traveled to Oregon after I was negative. I did a test run on the 16th in Eugene, then have slowly returned to lifting and (slower, shorter) running since back in Connecticut.

Willamette River in Eugene

My current plan is to run the Richmond Half November 12 but do a few local races as supported long runs. I really wanted to try Hartford and the SoNo (South Norwalk) Half. I’ve done the full Richmond Marathon and the 8K and am excited to try the half. My July miles/base sucks but hopefully I can get it back in August.

Me with iconic former NYCM Race Director Peter Ciacia

I have a quiet August and September then am traveling to the Bay Area for work October, DC for fun later October, then Boston for work early November (right after NYCM). Looking forward to a few runs in different places! I’ll hopefully rebuild a decent base in August.


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