Spring 2022 Queens 10K Prep

So I’m finally coming down off the high of the NYC Half 3/20; I took the following weeks mostly off and skipped a long run (then scaled the other one back to just 6 miles). But as of early April, I’m now in this place where I’m officially training for a few races BUT I also have a lot of big life events coming up.

Preliminary spring/summer/fall race schedule:

  • Tracksmith Trials of Mile 1 Mile Track Race 5/19
  • Greenwich 5K Memorial Day
  • NYRR Queens 10K June 18
  • NYRR Team Champs 5 Mile July 31
  • NYRR Harlem 5K 8/20
  • NYCRuns Newport (Jersey City) Half September 24
  • Richmond Half or Full November 12
  • Houston Half or Full January 15th 2023

Upcoming Life Events:

  • Wedding 4/23
  • Close on house 4/25 and move 4/26
  • Honeymoon in Greece early to mid May

I’m only registered for the Queens 10K so I want to make sure I stay healthy and injury-free but also motivated to chase after PRs in all these race lengths. I’m trying to maintain then build upon my fitness. According to Stryd, I’m just about where I was spring 2020. Meanwhile my Garmin thinks I’m going to smash anything with many minutes to spare under my PRs (Mile, 5K, and full marathon from 2017, half and 10K PRs from 2018, 5 Miler/8K from 2019). I’d be happy to show up at some of these races in shape to make a serious attempt at a best.

My Stryd has some aggressive PR race time predictions

I’m still on the fence about a fall (or winter) full; last fall just getting to Fun Run status at the NYC Marathon was a slog throughout the summer. Some of it is finding people to run with while other parts is the time management. I also want to have the most fun NYC Marathon weekend and do all the shakeout runs with swag and prizes and famous runners (plus cheering all day the day of). Richmond is 1 week after so at least I’d be tapering. Another option is shooting for Richmond Half then Houston full in January or vice versa.

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