Friday Link Post (featuring cold weather running)

Winter 2014-2015 was my first “real” winter of running and training outside. I still hopped on the treadmill when it was particularly blizzard-y outside, but I invested in real tights (Sugoi Midzero Tights), an ear warming headband, and a running jacket (which is a little too big at the bottom, so I’m still on the hunt for the Goldilocks of running jackets). This year, I’m looking at toques to keep my head head trapped in, plus gloves that will wick sweat, since my wool blend touchscreen ones tend to let the sweat marinate. Since I’m on a low-mileage plan for the rest of 2015, it’s going to be sort of a shock when I hit the road in January to start training for the NYC Half. I find the following links very helpful with regard to colder-weather running.

Running on Lentils’ Guide to Cold-Weather Running Gear

For the 32-40 degrees Fahrenheit range. Looking forward to the next step down, as it were.

Runner’s World What to Wear

This is helpful no matter the season. With experience comes better ‘feel’ for knowing how your body responds to different temperatures and conditions, but this tool is a really good place to start.

The Cost of Winter Running

This article intimidated me a bit at first last year until I realized the author is an Alaskan. In NYC, most of my usual routes remain pretty defrosted throughout the winter, so I’m not quite in YakTrax territory yet.

Running Starter Kit

In slightly less frigid running gear, I loved Gretchen’s recommended running starter kit. It was only a couple of years ago that I was jogging along the East River in my cotton t-shirts and chafe-heavy Champion via Target gym shorts.

Five Fitness Bloggers Share Their Favorite Tights

Tights galore! I mainly have crops in my running arsenal (and a few pairs of shorts), so this guide shows a few more tights and leggings options.

Bonus, non-weather related link:

What Happens to Your Body During an Ultramarathon

To those running the NYRR 60K this weekend, I salute you. I’m just hoping to make it to and through the marathon next fall.

Marathon Link Roundup

In honor of the NYC Marathon happening this Sunday, most of these are links to more information in that vein. It is a longer list of links than usual, but you know, not a marathon-length list. More like a half marathon. See you in November 2016, TCS NYCM!

How Well Do You Know the NYC Marathon?

I got 13/15, which is mainly the result of hanging out with runners and reading all these other articles.

One Brooklyn runner’s totally idiosyncratic spectator’s guide to the TCS New York City Marathon

A running club friend wrote this and it makes me super hungry. I’m going to need to update my Yelp bookmarks and explore 4th Avenue a little deeper.

How New York City Made the Modern Marathon

It wasn’t just the British Royal Family that made the race 26.2 and incited a wave of popularity.

The Best Training for a Marathon: A Marathon

I’m planning to only run the full NYC marathon next calendar year, but it’s interesting to see just how many marathoners are running another one in close proximity. I’m not planning on becoming a 2-a-year person myself (let’s try to get through Half training cycles uninjured first), but you never know.

My goal was to run the Marine Corps Marathon in under four hours. This is how it feels to fall just short.

A WaPo piece on a runner’s journey to the marathon and ultimate failure to reach his goal (this time).

What it’s Like to Run a Marathon in a Hot Dog Costume

The title says it all. A fun take on last week’s Marine Corps Marathon.

Quick Fitness Link Post

I started to draft a training recap post while still in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Half, but I’m going to do a combined one next week since my mileage and classes will be lower. Race recap to come on Thursday with lots of photos! But seriously, how does everyone else finish their race recaps within 2 days? I only just got back from SF this morning and am still reflecting on the experience. I am also still jet-lagged and sleep-deprived (and fortunately less sore after a Thai massage yesterday).

The Mysteries of Marathon Weight Gain

Not yet having run a marathon, I obviously can’t comment much on a 26.2-specific post-run need to eat. But after Wednesday night’s spin class, I more than happily wolfed down a “Manly Burger” (yeah, that name, though….) and sweet potato fries with cream-based dipping sauces from Umami Burger and all I could think was “I could use a milkshake with this”.

In France, Spin is a Laid-back Experience

I have only brought my exercise and activewear to London and the Bahamas thus far while traveling, but this was an interesting read when you consider the Internet (or maybe just white American womens’) occupation with all things French and how French women are having it all/doing it better. I’m jumping back into spin classes with metrics soon for better cross-training and I know how I’ll feel if/when I see my bike # on the leaderboard. But I’ve really enjoyed my classes that are more about the ~feeling.

Your Aging Body – This is Thirty

*Tears emoji* I was discussing all of my various ailments and injuries (ok, it’s just the Achilles this time) with a 30-something runner friend and he had to remind me that you know, we’re kinda old and sometimes our bodies no longer want to cooperate the same way they did when they were younger. I guess I feel better reflecting on my hurdle-related hip injury when I was 17 and knowing it’s not all age-related.

Friday Link Round-Up

Some fitness and running related links from around the web:

A Sampling of the Gross Shit That Has Happened to My Body Since I Started Running

It me, especially the toenails. Last fall, I got a wet massage and body scrub at a Korean spa with a dangling pinky toenail. When I went into the massage/scrub, the toenail was still there. When I emerged, it wasn’t.

Strave Launches New Interactive Running Data Tool

Good job, NYC. Sorry my longer runs are slowing you down. I started using Strava in June after getting my GPS watch, having used MapMyRun on my iPhone for the years prior. I love how connected I feel to all my friends and followers and club members. But boy are my non-marathon training missed-a-workout ways ever apparent on there.

Ronda Rousey’s Next Fight Body Image in Hollywood

I don’t really follow UFC, but this has certainly been Ronda’s year for more mainstream media attention. I’m now deep int a rabbit hole of looking up the different weight classes for UFC (there isn’t yet one at my weight for women).

Hallie from Coral and Cognac’s Fitness Instructor Guide to Workout Gear

Yes, finally! Hallie is a SoulCycle instructor, so I’ve been waiting for her recs. I definitely have different activewear (and shoe) needs based on whether I’m running, spinning, lifting, or doing yoga. On that note, I wore these mesh panel crops to the gym and to spin and felt super cool in my first foray into mesh. Only $30! I got a M and the hipband required some stretching, so I think I’d go for the tall M next time. Now for some strappy sports bras to show off under racerback tanks.