Friday Link Post (featuring cold weather running)

Winter 2014-2015 was my first “real” winter of running and training outside. I still hopped on the treadmill when it was particularly blizzard-y outside, but I invested in real tights (Sugoi Midzero Tights), an ear warming headband, and a running jacket (which is a little too big at the bottom, so I’m still on the hunt for the Goldilocks of running jackets). This year, I’m looking at toques to keep my head head trapped in, plus gloves that will wick sweat, since my wool blend touchscreen ones tend to let the sweat marinate. Since I’m on a low-mileage plan for the rest of 2015, it’s going to be sort of a shock when I hit the road in January to start training for the NYC Half. I find the following links very helpful with regard to colder-weather running.

Running on Lentils’ Guide to Cold-Weather Running Gear

For the 32-40 degrees Fahrenheit range. Looking forward to the next step down, as it were.

Runner’s World What to Wear

This is helpful no matter the season. With experience comes better ‘feel’ for knowing how your body responds to different temperatures and conditions, but this tool is a really good place to start.

The Cost of Winter Running

This article intimidated me a bit at first last year until I realized the author is an Alaskan. In NYC, most of my usual routes remain pretty defrosted throughout the winter, so I’m not quite in YakTrax territory yet.

Running Starter Kit

In slightly less frigid running gear, I loved Gretchen’s recommended running starter kit. It was only a couple of years ago that I was jogging along the East River in my cotton t-shirts and chafe-heavy Champion via Target gym shorts.

Five Fitness Bloggers Share Their Favorite Tights

Tights galore! I mainly have crops in my running arsenal (and a few pairs of shorts), so this guide shows a few more tights and leggings options.

Bonus, non-weather related link:

What Happens to Your Body During an Ultramarathon

To those running the NYRR 60K this weekend, I salute you. I’m just hoping to make it to and through the marathon next fall.

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