Quick Fitness Link Post

I started to draft a training recap post while still in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Half, but I’m going to do a combined one next week since my mileage and classes will be lower. Race recap to come on Thursday with lots of photos! But seriously, how does everyone else finish their race recaps within 2 days? I only just got back from SF this morning and am still reflecting on the experience. I am also still jet-lagged and sleep-deprived (and fortunately less sore after a Thai massage yesterday).

The Mysteries of Marathon Weight Gain

Not yet having run a marathon, I obviously can’t comment much on a 26.2-specific post-run need to eat. But after Wednesday night’s spin class, I more than happily wolfed down a “Manly Burger” (yeah, that name, though….) and sweet potato fries with cream-based dipping sauces from Umami Burger and all I could think was “I could use a milkshake with this”.

In France, Spin is a Laid-back Experience

I have only brought my exercise and activewear to London and the Bahamas thus far while traveling, but this was an interesting read when you consider the Internet (or maybe just white American womens’) occupation with all things French and how French women are having it all/doing it better. I’m jumping back into spin classes with metrics soon for better cross-training and I know how I’ll feel if/when I see my bike # on the leaderboard. But I’ve really enjoyed my classes that are more about the ~feeling.

Your Aging Body – This is Thirty

*Tears emoji* I was discussing all of my various ailments and injuries (ok, it’s just the Achilles this time) with a 30-something runner friend and he had to remind me that you know, we’re kinda old and sometimes our bodies no longer want to cooperate the same way they did when they were younger. I guess I feel better reflecting on my hurdle-related hip injury when I was 17 and knowing it’s not all age-related.

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