Marathon Link Roundup

In honor of the NYC Marathon happening this Sunday, most of these are links to more information in that vein. It is a longer list of links than usual, but you know, not a marathon-length list. More like a half marathon. See you in November 2016, TCS NYCM!

How Well Do You Know the NYC Marathon?

I got 13/15, which is mainly the result of hanging out with runners and reading all these other articles.

One Brooklyn runner’s totally idiosyncratic spectator’s guide to the TCS New York City Marathon

A running club friend wrote this and it makes me super hungry. I’m going to need to update my Yelp bookmarks and explore 4th Avenue a little deeper.

How New York City Made the Modern Marathon

It wasn’t just the British Royal Family that made the race 26.2 and incited a wave of popularity.

The Best Training for a Marathon: A Marathon

I’m planning to only run the full NYC marathon next calendar year, but it’s interesting to see just how many marathoners are running another one in close proximity. I’m not planning on becoming a 2-a-year person myself (let’s try to get through Half training cycles uninjured first), but you never know.

My goal was to run the Marine Corps Marathon in under four hours. This is how it feels to fall just short.

A WaPo piece on a runner’s journey to the marathon and ultimate failure to reach his goal (this time).

What it’s Like to Run a Marathon in a Hot Dog Costume

The title says it all. A fun take on last week’s Marine Corps Marathon.

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