Training Recap 10/12-10/18 and 10/19-10/25


Current activity levels post-half pictured above.

I tapered pretty hard before Nike Women’s SF Half, then got back to NYC and had a 3-day doctor’s order moratorium on intense exercise. I’m taking this time to deal with my Achilles tendon pain and try more cross-training (like hopping on a real bike). I’ve decided not sign up for the Richmond Half Marathon this year (11/14), but did choose to do the NYC Runs Haunted Island 10K on 10/31. I’d like to hit a 10K PR, weather and body permitting, but it’s ok if it turns into a fun run. I don’t want to not run any more races this winter, but am going to follow medical advice until my tendons and right hamstring/glute feel better. So I have my eye on some early December local 10Ks and Halfs just in case.

The week before SF, I just did a quick 2-mile run on the West Side Highway Tuesday morning and a “Ripped Ride” at Crunch on 38th. Those bikes have cages so you don’t have to wear cycling shoes, but I definitely prefer the clip-ins. I felt like my feet kept slipping into weird angles. The music and blacklight effects were good, but I was distracted, trying not to rub my heel against the bike. I wisely stretched and foam rolled before the class after a warm-up but had to rush off to join friends for Umami Burger. I had signed up for a dance class Thursday night but canceled it so I could pack.

In SF, I had signed up for 2 of the optional race weekend events; a tune-up/training session Friday at 5pm, then a 7:30am shakeout run. The 5pm workout was a lot of fun and got my heart rate up with side planks and HIIT work, but didn’t test my body too hard. I decided to cancel my shakeout run since I had walked about 5 miles Friday and developed a blister on my left heel. I walked around 5 miles on Saturday as well, but use Lyft Line to get to dinner and back and get off my feet for the last 12 hours before the race.

I signed up for a post-race yoga class early on Monday morning, but canceled that as well. Sleeping in was a great idea since I had hung out with friends after the race, watching the Mets game and eating a few meals. I got a Thai massage with a friend the day after, which was a good call. I hadn’t had this type of massage before and it was really cool to feel the masseuse walking on me. We felt noodley after and took a walk to see the Painted Ladies, which involved some hills, but I was fine. My flight was a redeye and I think the massage really helped me sleep (I’m a terrible airplane sleeper) and not wake up feeling too sore.

After my 3-day exercise break, I did my semi-regular spin class at BYKlyn. I pushed myself harder than usual, which felt really good. And that’s it for 2 weeks. My Achilles are feeling pretty good most days, but my hamstring pain persists. Over the weekend, I went to the Village Halloween Dog Parade, attended a grants committee meeting for my running club, and went on a wine tasting tour of the North Fork. I was hoping to squeeze in 3 miles before the dog parade, but it didn’t happen. But I met a lot of dogs, tried a lot of wine, and obtained half a dozen apple cider donuts.


Not my winery bike.

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