Honeymoon’s Over

I mean that title very literally, as I type this on the last day of my honeymoon. Between the wedding, the move, and the honeymoon, I’ve run maybe 1/3-1/2 of my prescribed mileage the last 4 weeks. Which is totally fine! But I am trying to squeeze out some summer (and fall) PRs, so back to consistency I go. I’m skipping the 1 Mile race on 5/19 because I’m so far from my speedy fitness; will try to find another track mile soon or do the Brooklyn Mile August 7. TBD on the Memorial Day 5K.

I’ve picked up some new gear the last few months so I’ll try to do mini reviews.


Brooks Launch 8 – I wore my Launch 6 into the ground since getting them spring 2020 and finally got rid of them this spring (there were of course long running breaks in 2021 where they sat unused). I also had the Launch 4 for a while (2018-2020). Over the years and versions, they increased the drop from 8mm to 10mm. The 8’s were $90 from REI on sale since I missed the Launch 7 sale window last year. These are usually good daily trainers for me, with the occasional long run. The (pink) HOKA Clifton 7 was 2021’s main long run shoe, so we’ll see if the Launches make a return to that purpose or become my main easy/recovery run shoe.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 – I got these from the REI member 20% off spring sale since my top pick (Hoka Clifton 8) did not qualify for the discount. They got great reviews as speedwork shoes from my online running club, as they have a nylon plate (as opposed to more expensive carbon fiber plate). The fit is great in my usual size (full size up from street shoes) and they have been so responsive during my faster work. There was a bit of calf tightness when I first used them, but that’s cleared up since.

The others: I just moved and am very aware of how many running shoes I own when I usually use the same 3-4 pairs most weeks (with the Next% as my race shoe going forward). Some of them have under 200 miles but I just don’t reach for them much anymore (Adidas Boston, Adidas Adios) and others aren’t near 300 miles but just don’t feel responsive anymore (Nike Pegasus) so they might be up on the chopping block. I finally ditched some really old ones (Saucony Ride which I wore for the NYC Marathon in 2018 and kept at the office, Adidas Tempos that had a narrow toe box even for my narrow feet). I guess that just leaves the Hoka Rincon 3s in the hot pink/turquoise (obsessed) and the old Saucony Freedom ISOs (worn during my half marathon PR in 2018) and the specialty trail running shoes and track spikes (which in my defense, were free).


Janji – I joined Janji‘s membership collective in spring 2020 because I liked their mission (to provide clean drinking water to communities across the globe), reasonable fee (it was $50 and you got a singlet but is now $25 and you still get the 15% off all product for life, compared to Tracksmith’s pricier and term-limited Hare AC), and was looking for an online sense of connection during the height of Covid. They also sold bandanas which we all thought might be good for running face protection at the time. Times have changed with regard to bandanas and buffs, but I have slowly added more Janji to my wardrobe since. They put out a neat line/artist collaborative last year of reflective stuff and I got a hat and singlet, plus I wear the 4″ Transit Tech shorts for hiking or walking Herbie all the time. One of their new prints really caught my eye and I had to see if I could rock the sports bra/shorts combo in it. I also got a cute tshirt just because. I don’t usually run in tshirts (it’s either long sleeve or tank weather) but I’ll wear it for errands.

I got the same shorts as the photo but with the regular shorter Groundwork Sports Bra since long line bras usually hit me in a weird place because I’m tall. I’m a M in tops and L in bottoms at Janji. The bra works for running, but just barely. I’ll get one of their higher support ones for running and use this one for the gym. The shorts are great; I tend to buy compressive 6″-8″ length shorts like this to fit my phone and also avoid thigh chafing. I love how the colors and prints work together and definitely want to wear the full kit with my brightest shoes (the afore-mentioned Hoka Rincon 3). They also have a singlet in this print!

Tracksmith – I’ve ordered fairly regularly from Tracksmith since 2018. I love the long-sleeved wool harriers and run/live in them throughout winter. I had a couple of singlets from their Van Cortland fabric and wasn’t a huge fan (though I love my VC Grand shorts from last year) and am still experimenting with their other offerings and fabrics. My latest order was a Session Tank and Lane Five Short Tights, neither of which I’ve had before. The tank fits and feels great; super lightweight, generous cut (I’m normally a M in singlets and L in long-sleeves here but went with a L in this top since I got it in ivory). I have so many colorful tops but not many light colors. The shorts are still untested; my shortest tight shorts are 6″ (Lululemon Fast and Frees) and these are 5″. I’m scared of chafing since I do get it with 6″ sometimes on hot days (again, I’m 5’9 and thicker thighed so 7″-9″ is usually a bit better for me). I might try the Allston Long Shorts next time,

Other Gear

Currently rocking a Garmin 245 and still using my Stryd, but I change all my other stuff up to suit the weather or length of run. My Nathan Speedshot handheld is amazing but I need up go up to my hydration vest if I won’t be near water fountains.

Weeks 14 and 15 and 16 of Marathon Training

I’m tempted to post a .gif of tumbleweed blowing by for my taper weeks, but I did get some nice runs in. I also got the sniffles (I can’t say I definitively got sick as it only lasted a couple days and seems to be more like seasonal allergies). But now I’m only 3 days away from running my first marathon and the excitement has finally washed over and replaced my minor anxieties about aches and pains.

Week 14:

The sniffles were real and I didn’t want to develop a full-blown cold, so I only did a weekday run then my first taper run in DC. I had planned a perfect 12 mile loop but got lost trying to get down to East Potomac Park, then couldn’t get onto 14th St.as planned and had to cut over onto the Mall further East than expected. I ended at Starbucks for a much needed soy toffee nut latte, courtesy of my free drink. I got to see some friends and have Nando’s for dinner, as we still don’t have one in NYC.


Week 15:

Mile High Run Club The Distance with Elizabeth Corkum. I hadn’t been to MHRC in months but I loved it and plan to take Corky’s class again when I reactivate my ClassPass. I managed to keep my paces consistent throughout the different interval speeds and saw some very fast Level 4 speed. I got 5.6 miles in, which is a huge improvement from 4.8 miles back in May. I also manged to keep my easy pace very easy overall.

Then on Saturday the 29th, I did the last 10 miles run with PPTC. My watch never picked up satellites because it was probably still on DC from the week before, so I decided to just run with the 11:00 min/mile pace group. We ended up at a closer to 10:30 pace for some of the miles, which was ideal for me since I hope to keep my marathon pace closer to that. I felt really good and was talking the whole way. Had a Gu around mile 6 and discovered I also love the Salted Caramel flavor.

Week 16:

Just some quick regular runs on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

I hit up the Expo on Thursday night and it wasn’t too crowded. I got my bib, said hi to some friends volunteering, took some photos with said bib, then did some shopping. Things I bought that I needed: margarita ShotBlocks and extra Gu. I also split a good deal on wool socks from Darn Tough with a friend. I’m not going to try out new socks on race day, but these are pretty darn nice from what I can tell on my test run. Most importantly, I got the jacket below in gray and I love it. Pretty sure it’s bad luck to wear it or the long-sleeve before I actually run the marathon, though.



I decided I didn’t need much more stuff. I have so many race shirts and running clothing overall that my collection should be complete once I acquire some more winter running clothes and accessories. Don’t hold me to that statement, please.

Anyway, I am obviously wildly excited for Sunday and love knowing that I have friends and family cheering for me in many locations and 3 of the 5 boroughs.

Ok, I guess we’re doing this. Shruggie.