Week 7 and Week 8 of NYC Marathon 2021 Training

Week 7 already? (Ed. note – I wrote this 4-5 weeks ago.) After missing my long run last week, I initially felt motivated to be more consistent. Then I got hit with the combo of work (still doing every-other-weekend Covid surge call duty too), dogsitting, and bad weather.

Monday 8/16: 3.3 miles outside hitting the hills after an early afternoon full/lower body workout at the gym. Squats, deadlifts, banded lateral walk, and reverse lunges.

Tuesday 8/17: 2 easy treadmill miles at a recovery pace. Upper body workout at the gym – lat pull-downs, cable rows, assisted dip, assisted pull-ups. Squeezed in the treadmill miles right after since I was pressed for time.

Went for a nature walk earlier in the day with the pup.

Wednesday 8/18: 4.2 miles at a moderate pace. Tried to keep it in heart rate Zone 3 to keep me honest. Lower body still sore from Monday’s workout.

Thursday 8/19: (Unplanned) Rest Day.

Friday 8/20: AM run of 3.4 miles (cut short by work stuff), then PM Peloton ride and bodyweight workouts.

Saturday 8/21: Rest day. Dinner (pho and ramen) and cocktails at Mecha. My cocktail below was made with ube liquor and was incredible.

Sunday 8/22: Tropical Storm Henri derailed my long run plans, so I did 5 on the treadmill late morning.

Total: 18 miles, still no long run. Better than last week but not by much. Mostly easy miles so the room for long runs of 14+ is definitely there.

Week 8:

Monday 8/23: 1.7 miles in the pouring rain with my friend’s Husky.

Tuesday 8/24: 4 miles in Central Park between work meetings (I was at the hospital for one).

Wednesday 8/25: 6 miles on the Woodway treadmill at an easy pace, which takes over an hour at my current pace. It was 90+ outside and I didn’t run early AM, so the gym was the best. I should have also lifted but runs this long take it out of me and I also didn’t want to be sore (should have lifted my usual Monday).

Thursday 8/26: Rest day. Was going to run more at the gym (I did some drills on the tread) but knew rest was probably best.

Friday 8/27: 3.4 easy miles at 7am in high humidity. I hit my 100th Peloton run and got a shotout from my favorite running instructor Becs.

Saturday 8/25: Jackson Heights Mile – 7:31 chip time and gun time (not sure but I think there should have been a 1 second difference at least). Humidity was still there but it had cooled off a lot thanks to overnight rainstorms. I did a little warm up but gave up on the cool down miles. I was 13th in my 30-39 women age group.

Womens 30-39 waiting for the gun to go off

Sunday 8/26: ANOTHER skipped long run. My dog was sick and that took up my whole day.

Weeks 9 and 10 to come. Will my training get back on track? Stay tuned!

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