Weekly Mileage (and food) recaps 1/16 – 2/19

After the dessertapalooza the first two weeks of 2017 as mentioned in my last post (14 desserts in 14 days), I’ve tried to scale up the mileage while cutting down on some of the food. But some weeks have been a bit ‘off’. As you can see from the mileage below, I’d have a really good ramping up week then way too much of a cutback week. I think it helps for me to not get too obsessed with weekly mileage and think more of everything as part of the same cycle, but I do want to be more steady. It’s difficult to write about the runs/days/weeks that didn’t go well and can sometimes feel a little embarrassing to know that your mileage is so low. But for the most part, I haven’t been Instragramming much this year and doubt that anyone is pulling up my Strava and checking out my mileage. I’m trying not to fall into any comparison traps.

Week of 1/16 – 1/22: 17 miles (including Fred Lebow Half at long run pace)

Week of 1/23 – 1/29: 4.5 miles (treadmill workout)

Week of 1/30 – 2/5: 20 miles (including long run of 8 miles)

Week of 2/6 – 2/12: 5.5 miles (Mile High Run Club’s The Distance class)

Week of 2/13 – 2/29: 24 miles (long run of 8 miles, MHRC The Distance, race of 3.33 miles)

I had 2 different weekends with no long runs, one because I felt sick/lost my voice (January 28th and 29th) and one because my plans later in the day took precedence on Saturday the 11th, then I sat out on some pretty terrible weather on Sunday the 12th. The NYC Half is now only 4 weeks away, so that certainly puts my rear in gear a bit. I’m planning long runs of 10, 11, and 12 miles the next few weeks and am running the Al Gordon 4 Miler on the 25th. I’m shooting for a PR, which should be doable based on my 3.33 performance and 2 year old PR of 36:54.


My Cherry Tree relay team, The Crystals


Chocolate Chip Marshmallow cookies baked during the Super Bowl

I had some fun non-running workouts, including kickboxing at work (the instructor likes to end with burpees), Pure Barre, and good old-fashioned strength training. Amazing how one’s core can still be sore days later.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Mileage (and food) recaps 1/16 – 2/19

  1. Don’t fall into comparison traps. I’m running fewer miles per week and slower than I have since I first started running…but that’s the way it goes. You’re gonna crush the NYC Half!

    1. I need to just not look at Strava or Insta some days lol. Excited for NYC (and Brooklyn, and the 2 Ten Milers in between)

    1. I sometimes look at Strava in the mornings just to get my butt out of bed! Other days, I have to actively avoid it. Happy training to you, too! Excited for your next race recap!

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