Week 6 of NYC Marathon Training

Heavens to Betsy, I can’t believe I’m so deep into training already (or that August is almost over). Overall, it’s going really well! Almost surprisingly well. I’ve been foam rolling like a champ and I think all the rock climbing has been helpful in building my strength. I’d like to keep squeezing in barre classes for additional stretching and strengthening.

Monday 8/22: Rest day from running. Rock climbed for a few hours and got up to (and completed) a 5.8 It’s so cool to see progress in this arena. Then I tried bouldering, which I haven’t attempted since 2012. I got up the V0 pretty easily but failed on the V1. Will try again and report back.

Tuesday 8/23: Quick 3 (morning!) miles around the neighborhood, including a turf soccer field. It feels really good on the feet and knees, that’s for sure. I did a half mile warmup, then 4 x 800m, then a little over a half mile cool down. My paces were not great, hovering around 9:00 minute miles which seems slow given that sub-8 minute mile at the 5K only a week prior.

Wednesday 8/24: 1 mile warmup to Prospect Park, 3.35 mile loop, then hurried up and waited for my friend’s running group and did 2/3 of a loop with them (cutting up Center Drive), then ran a mile to a bar in Prospect Heights. 8 miles total of varying paces from 9:31 on the downhill to 11:54 when I only had my prescription sunglasses on in the dark.

Thursday 8/25: Day off. Made my own Shake Shack concrete flavor for the first time, with a marshmallow swirl and crispy crunchies mixed into the Buttery Blackberry flavor of the week. Failed to take a picture.

Friday 8/26: Day off. Had a few beers, which had me concerned for my run the next day, but drank lots of water and went to bed very early.

Saturday 8/27: Long Run day. Ran an uphill mile to the starting point before 8 am, then did a conversational 11 across the Brooklyn Bridge, around lower Manhattan, and back on the Manhattan Bridge, all with several people from PPTC. Paces ranged from low 10:00s on the bridges to higher 11s in the FiDi with swarms of tourists. I had a ShotBlock after the first 5 miles then again closer to the 10th mile. This run had me questioning my sock choices, so I might try to get some with better sweat-wicking properties soon. I ran straight to Brooklyn Juice Company and had an amazing watermelon slushie, then foam rolled and showered before an amazing brunch at Miriam, local beers at Threes Brewing and String Rope Brewery, and ice cream at Ample Hills. BEST FOOD DAY.

Sunday 8/28: Quick 6 around the park before a beach day in Long Island. Nothing notable about this run except that I did the math wrong and thought these 6 miles would put me over the 30 mile threshold for the week. Got home, inserted into NYRR Virtual Trainer and boom,  29.4 miles total. Oh well, next week.

Total: 29.4 out of a recommended 30-34.

Long Beach was fun but full of seaweed, washed-up jellyfish, and some nasty riptides. At least there were fish tacos.

6 thoughts on “Week 6 of NYC Marathon Training

    1. So worth the wait (which fortunately wasn’t bad at all). I got the burekas and split a side of merguez sausage. Err, plus a mimosa.

  1. Solid mileage! Perhaps your 800s might have been quicker if you’d had more time to warm up? I know I always need 2 slooooow miles before any fast workout, and it personally helps me to not time warm-ups/cool-downs/recoveries (or at least to change the screen on my watch so I can’t see the pace).

      1. I was going to suggest it, but I wasn’t sure how far away it is from you. At least you don’t have the cool-down climb up Mount 9th Street like I did when I lived off 7th Ave! There’s a Facebook group, Red Hook Speed Sessions, for free Tuesday morning workouts, FYI!

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