Week 4 of NYC Marathon Training

I knew that my trip to Las Vegas would pose some issues for my workouts (aka move them to the treadmill) but it sounds like my runs would have been brutally humid and hot in NYC.

Monday: Rest day running-wise. I took a Pure Barre class after work after not doing barre for a few weeks (trying to use that rock climbing gym membership wisely). I felt strong during the plank portion and held it for all 90 seconds.

Tuesday: Quick auto-belay climb at the rock climbing gym, then ‘regular run’ around the Long Island City waterfront after work. I did 5 miles but didn’t realize until after that the training plan called for 6.

Wednesday: Annual ice cream run with my running club. It was disgustingly humid so I tried and succeeded at taking it easy on the warmup and loop itself, then ran downhill with abandon toward Ample Hills. I ended up with 6 miles total because I was at 5.8 and refused to stop there.

Ice Cream Run 2016
I’m in the white in the middle row, cheesing with Lillian

Thursday: Rest/travel day. I had a morning flight out of JFK, dropped my stuff off at the hotel, then I met up with a coworker for some shopping time. I mainly took cabs and Uber everywhere but hit over 11,000 steps with all the walking through casinos and outlet shops. We ate at a Guy Fieri restaurant for dinner and had Trash Can Nachos among other delicious junk.

Friday: Woke up at 9am EST/6am Vegas time, so I headed to the gym to get some miles in in part to make up for the 2 miles I missed earlier in the week. I decided to make it a progression run each mile then stretched a planned 4 into 4.5. I then did a stroll of The Strip with friends during the day (with more shopping and eating) plus some trivia competitions. I bought a 2nd pair of the Lululemon Speed Track shorts because they are amazing and chatted with one of the sales reps about NYC and running. I ended up hitting 26,654 steps total for the day, not including the 4.5 treadmill miles.

Saturday: I was dreading my treadmill long run, especially after staying up later than planned (drinks are free even if you’re not gambling so long as your friends are!). I brought my remaining ShotBlocks and podcasts and tried to lock into a nice, easy pace. The first hour went pretty well, so I ate 2 blocks and stepped up the pace per mile for the final 4 by just a bit. My final mile was momentous in that it turned this into my first double digit run since last October! And also because I sped it up by the 0.10s from 6.0 mph to 6.1 to 6.3 to 6.4 and survived. Then I didn’t stop it exactly at 10.0 and figured I should go to a full 10.1 miles so that Strava’s calculations would be better. The things we runners do when we know others are watching. I recovered with an apple and pork jerky, then had a delicious lunch of Del Taco and a Dairy Queen Butterfinger Blizzard.

Sunday: After feeling pretty Vegased out overall, I headed out toward Mount Charleston with some teammates where it was a solid 20 degrees cooler. We hiked the Cathedral Rock loop, which was 2.8 miles total. The area itself was amazing and I hadn’t seen desert and plant life like this since I was at the Grand Canyon 5 years ago. It’s sort of otherworldly compared to the East Coast landscapes I’m used to.

Total miles: 25.6 miles out of a recommended 23-27 miles from the NYRR Virtual Trainer. Not including the hike.

With all that said, I’m a few weeks out from needing a new pair of running shoes. I’m planning to stick to the Brooks Ravenna but might switch to the Ghost.

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