January-March Injury Update

I think the title of this post says it all. I started drafting it in January during twice-weekly physical therapy. I tried a 0.75 mile jog in early January and felt fine during (great, even!) but despite stretching after, my hamstring was very aggravated the next couple days. I gave it another 4 weeks and tried a mile on Super Bowl Sunday but was met with the same effects the week after. In the time since, I read something, somewhere, about people performing marathon training on largely on an elliptical just to reduce impact. While I have no plans to take it that far in terms of mileage, I’ve decided to incorporate the elliptical and hopefully a super cushioned treadmill into my game plan, along with the Alter-G at my PT’s office. I’m happy to report that I ran 6.5 miles on the elliptical this week (with 2 runs and around a 6 mph pace). Pain-free.


I downgraded my Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (in DC) entry to the 5K and while I may not PR, I’m really excited to be doing a race for the first time since Halloween. After that, I can better assess my ability to run the Broad Street Run (also a 10 miler, in Philadelphia) on May 1.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2016:

  • the possibility of a late spring half (Brooklyn is out but maybe something else in that time period)
  • Run commuting to/from work (new job has showers! Also it’s about time I get a running backpack with a water bladder.)
  • NYCM training? I had to pay for the registration (goodbye $$), but am still a ways out from being able to assess whether it’s going to happen or not
  • Trying more of the workouts and moves from (Dr.) Jordan Metzl’s book Running Strong.

ClassPass updates and reviews to come. The new job has made me switch up my gym and class routine and locations quite a bit and I’ve struggled to get into my preferred spin days and times. On the plus side, I’ve been trying more yoga classes and have improved my planking and push-ups thanks to barre classes.

2 thoughts on “January-March Injury Update

  1. Ben and I are doing Broad St Run. If you’re going, we can give you a ride.

    We’re also doing Run for the Red, Poconos, which is a week before Brooklyn Half. Ben’s doing the marathon and I’m doing the half. Zooma Anapoolis is on June 4th. I have a promo code for that race if you decide to do it. I’d do that race, but we’re already doing Covered Bridges Half in VT.

    Glad your injury is healing. Hope to see you around soon.

    1. If I can dot he BSR, I would love a ride! Sounds like you two have another great East Coast race schedule ahead of you this spring!

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