Week 3 of Richmond Marathon Training, 8/7-8/13

This was supposed to be a pretty big build-up in miles to 32 which is almost where I was at my peak last year. But I succumbed to a cold on Wednesday and didn’t get a 5th run in.

8/7: The Distance at Mile High Run Club. I started a little late and only got 5.2 miles in (usually do 5.4-5.6) but figured the stretching and foam-rolling component after was more important than that extra bit.

8/8: Full Body at RowHouse Chelsea with my friend Tanya. I used to go to RowHouse fairly often when I first started with ClassPas and during my big injuries of winter 2015 but hadn’t been in ages. The row portion was great, but the squats (and planks and maybe the backward lunges) damn near killed me.

8/9: Sick day. I knew running would make my congestion and sore throat worse, so I hunkered down at home. I felt a bit better at night and kept my ticket to see The Sisters of Comedy show at Caroline’s on Broadway. My friend grabbed Chik-Fil-A nuggets for dinner.

8/10: 4 miles on the treadmill at night after a work event @ a 10:30 pace. Then I set my baseline for an upcoming Push-up Challenge at work. I was able to do 18 unbroken (no rests) push-ups on my knees. I think my no-knees number would not have topped 5. I’m excited to build this up in the coming weeks.

8/11: Planned rest day. I was tempted to do the Fireworks Group Run to Coney Island but was still pretty sick, so stayed in and watched Sicario.

8/12: 10 miles to Summer Streets and maybe my favorite PPTC group run ever. I ran around 0.8 miles on the way to the meeting point at the park but my watch hadn’t caught a signal yet, so I ignored it in favor of a solid 10 with the group. We kept a fairly steady 10:30-11:00 pace, though Garmin and Strava freaked out with all the tall buildings as usual. So I did 10 miles in 1:48:52, not 10.6.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 3.20.13 PM



8/13: As mentioned earlier, Sundays are the first day of the week on NYRR Virtual Trainer (they said they can’t change this for a Saturday goal race, but the end of my week on Strava/in my mind. So I’m planning to keep them as a 6-8 mile recovery run after Saturday Long Runs, but I’m sure I’ll have to switch a few.

This was a surprise 8 miles for me. The route included both Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges again plus the mile to GAP. I think it would only be 5-6 miles if I ran straight from home. But I was feeling good and knew I could push through to a full 8.

Total: 28 miles (actually less because Strava gave me extra bits but then I had a watchless 0.8 miles on Saturday so actually more.)



The Week in Workouts and Food 5/1-5/7

So I’m overdue on race reports for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and the UAE 10K but will be racing a 10 Miler (Broad Street Run), Half (Brooklyn), and likely a nice flat 10K (Memorial Day) in the next few weeks AND also have no race photos.

5/1: Rest day

5/2: NYRR Open Run where Elle generously paced me for 8:30s. I warmed up for 2 miles to get there and was feeling ok in terms of breath, water, and nutrition, having finally tried a Picky Bar around 6pm. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Open Run course has changed since last year and there was a different still modified course when I ran it a few weeks ago due to pier closure and police activity. So of course I got confused at the turnaround and started heading to the left. Whoops! That slowed us down a bit, but Elle got me back on pace. The volunteers got my time as a 25:58 but I had 26:14. Either way is close to a PR. I’m trying to pick a fast, flat 5K in the next few weeks to race to get that sub-26.

I look like death warmed over in the photos (unflattering to the mind, body, and spirit) but had a great time. Elle was such a positive pacer and I will totally vouch for her abilities to stay steady while being super encouraging.

You can see my slow point of confusion in both the map and the pace chart below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.59.44 PM

5/3: I started the day off with a hunt for kosher black and white cookies (thanks, Moishe’s in the East Village) for a coworker’s birthday. Our team had rounded up several other kosher baked goods, so I ended up eating one huge cookie to myself over many hours, since I had carefully sliced them up to get both the black and white icing sides.

4 mile recovery run to E’s for dinner. I got a little lost taking a different-than-usual route to Ocean Parkway and had to stop and ask someone at the firehouse. I figured it out for now, but will try and see if any of the other bridges or routes are more efficient.

5/4: Speedwork, week 4. We did a 1.4 mile warm up, then drills (bunny hops are my favorite), 12 short hill repeats with a jog back down the hill, then a 1.4 mile cool down. I forgot to include some of the jogs, but total mileage was a bit short of 5 miles (4.7 or so).

5/5: Rest day.

5/6:  3 miles shakeout run around Gowanus before hopping in the car to head to Philadelphia for the Broad Street Run.

5/7: Broad Street Run 10 Miler. Spoiler alert: new PR of 1:29:17. Total redemption from Cherry Blossom. There are no course photos of me just yet (except for one where you can see the back of my head) but hopefully those pop up soon. No warm up or cool down, but I did get in another few miles of walking around after, trying to find my teammates and get to brunch.


Total: 26.6 miles over 5 runs, out of an expected 23-25 miles.