An Abrupt Injury Pivot

So my training went off the rails the first couple weeks of April due to pain in my left foot. I had some mild plantar fasciitis that I’d been running through, but then all of a sudden I had a painful raised area on the outside of my midfoot. It really got inflamed and swelled up the weekend of the 6th and 7th and I didn’t do a true long run that weekend. A blister formed on top of the swollen area then popped, but the pain came and went. I took 5 days off and largely felt better, so I went out for a long run on the 13th, hoping to hobble together some kind of plan with lots of elliptical and spin and just longs to help me get to and through the Brooklyn Half. It felt fine during the run, but the pain returned after and the blister wound never fully healed.

I just saw a physiatrist and the good news is that it’s not a stress fracture. It was probably a cyst or plantar fibroma (we did an ultrasound and there was some fluid still in there) on top of the plantar fasciitis. We’re doing some work to fix all of that and let it recover.

What’s next? I deferred my entry to the Broad Street Run and will also be pulling out of the Brooklyn Half. I’m starting a 10-week strength training class next week and will keep in consult with my doctor for cross-training and eventual return to running once the pain goes away and healing seems likely.

Orecchiette at Fausto

I’ve been paying more attention to my food and nutrition during this time of decreased activity. Still enjoying some good meals and cooking a lot (especially in my Instant Pot) but have not been taking as many photos. To be fair, lentil chili and short rib ragu do not photograph very well but they taste great. Next up is a strawberry tres leches cake.

4 thoughts on “An Abrupt Injury Pivot

    1. Thanks! It’s actually already on the mend and less painful. Now for the PF boot to work its magic.

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