May Workouts and Training Recap

ClassPass emailed all NYC users (subscribers?) April 27th to let us know of an upcoming price change for monthly unlimited packages. They’re creating the Core membership and keeping it the same $125 a month but with a maximum 10 classes a month (the big up was to $190 for monthly unlimited, which is $200/month for new users). I crunched the numbers from the past 8 months of ClassPass and have only ever taken more than 10x/month once. So safe to say, I think the Core membership will work out great for me. If anything, I might be more motivated to take the full 10 classes a month. I’ve also kept my Blink membership, which really comes in handy due to their expanding number of locations around the city. I’m going to re-assess my membership situation for both once I’m deep into marathon training and/or if I move apartments at the end of summer.

In May, I ran 30.5 miles. I haven’t hit that kind of mileage since September 2015. But of course I am somewhat terrified of the realization that I will soon be running up to, around, and even more than 30 miles in a week when marathon training. 7.3 of those miles were official NYRR races in Central Park, 4.8 were on a treadmill at Mile High Run Club, and half included my running backpack. I also took a Spibelt for a spin on a late-morning hot training run. I actually appreciated the way my keys and phone jingled against the small of my back, alerting people to my presence.

I took 8 classes on ClassPass, including 5 barre and 2 spin. I really like the strength and stretching aspects of barre. I’ve tried classes at PureBarre (3 of their Brooklyn locations), The Bar Method, and now FlyBarre. Most have a similar flow for class and save the glute bridges for the end. I like to fire up the glutes, stretch, then head out for a short run home or to the subway after to take advantage. Outside of ClassPass, I redeemed a voucher for a free SoulCycle class that I won through bar trivia. This was my second SoulCycle class ever and it felt more aggressive (in a good way) than my previous one. Due to the humid day and temperature in the room, there was a lot of face sweating going on.

I also went on a hike back in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park. I was relatively pressed for time and hiking alone on a Friday afternoon, so I opted for the Dark Hollow Falls hike. I drove my rental car straight from Reagan to SNP then geared up and ate lunch at the Big Meadows Lodge after stopping by the Byrd Visitor Center to nab a passport and getting a cancellation stamp. I read on the trail log that a black bear and her three cubs had been spotted almost daily that week and tried to keep an eye out for them.


One national park down, many more to go
Awkward rock posing aside, the falls were beautiful

Brooks Pure Cadence 4 (aka my short distance shoes), getting a little muddy 

I ran 4 miles along the Roanoke River as well and damn, do I love a good towpath. All of my May workouts got me very excited for future races.

Hello, Roanoke Star! I had wanted to hike up to it but was pressed for time.


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