Week 9 of Richmond Marathon Training, 9/18-9/24

The last 2 weeks of September were rough for running due to work deadlines.

9/18: Mile High Run Club ‘The Distance’. 5.5 miles in 58 minutes which is a minute slower than the previous time (a ‘pace PR’). Foam rolled immediately which was a good idea. Baked box mix strawberry cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting at home for a coworker’s birthday then immediately began eating them.

9/19: 6:30am spin class then 4 miles in Prospect Park. These were supposed to be easy/recovery miles to recuperate from the Sunday Long Run and Monday intervals, but I went too darn fast thanks to the Hamilton soundtrack.

9/20: I run commuted to the bar to meet with the Brooklyn Beer Runners group. I hit 6 exactly then very much enjoyed 2 beers and a Cubano sandwich.

9/21: Rest day

9/22: Had to go into work early and missed my planned 4 miler.

9/23: Unexpected rest day. I went to an alpaca farm upstate with my friends and it was magical.

9/24: Bronx 10 Miler and 7 mile afterward.

Sunday was hot hot hot and this was rough. I’m glad I made the plans to run with friends after but wish I had gotten some more miles in beforehand or right after the race while waiting. Hot, sunny miles are tough.

After the first mile of the 10 Miler, I decided that a new 10 Mile PR was not in the bag and I should just run this somewhere between marathon goal pace and half marathon pace. Done.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 7.43.47 PM
Please be the finish line
Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 7.43.59 PM
Grim Determination

It’s so cool to see the map and see that we ran a (new-to-me bridge) from one borough to another. I did the shuffly bottom of Central Park final miles alone and it sucked.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 9.06.51 AM

Total: 33+ miles Mon-Sun. I do wish I had gotten that extra weekday run in to make the long run less than half of my weekly mileage. I had to work a lot more than normal and this will continue for just one more week. Then it’s off to exciting destinations for my short, medium, and long runs (Richmond, Chicago, and Phoenix, respectively).

The Week in Workouts and Food 4/24-4/30

4/24: I donated platelets, which turns out takes a lot more time than whole blood donation. I was starving during and after and finally got to Junior’s for a pastrami reuben, disco fries, and a shared slice of red velvet cheesecake. Ate it all so fast that no pictures exist.

4/25: I was fairly prepped and ready for an easy 3 on the treadmill since it was pouring outside, but stopped by the Book of Mormon lottery and was successful. So we scrapped the gym plan, stopped by City Kitchen for ilili box gyros and Dough donuts, then caught the show. Book of Mormon was great and made me psyched for Hamilton on June 3rd. So soon!

4/26: I made it home from a long work day in the Bronx (after spending Tuesday in Staten Island) and had plans to do a park loop but just could not bring myself to get out there. I put my GPS watch on and everything but had to take it off around 7 and admit defeat.

4/27: I had evening plans for Book Club instead of guided Speedwork, so I did an ‘easy’ loop around the park in the morning, about 2 hours later than usual. Holy humidity. 5.4 miles,

4/28: Rest day, but I was introduced to the below Austrian cookies (well, there’s no cookie part really, so not sure what they count as) and now have requests to bring them to Book Club and work. I’m going to try to pop them in the freezer to make mini Bluth’s frozen bananas.

4/29: Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild “5K”. So a 5K is the remaining distance I have left to PR this spring (10K, 10 Mile, Half Marathon, and 4 Miler done). I wisely decided not to make this race my attempt based on the humidity and the company and I’m so glad. The course was pretty boring at first (a lot of parking lot out and back in the first mile), then we saw some zebras and giraffes. There was a smattering of other animals. All the money raised went back into the zoo and conservation efforts.

My goal was to run at a pace that kept my heart rate down and didn’t get me too sweaty. We stayed conversational the whole time, but with high humidity and climbing temperatures, sweat was unavoidable.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.23.50 AM

The post-race spread was amazing (apples AND oranges, bagels AND muffins), then later there was pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches and ice cream. We dropped stuff off at the car then puttered around another good chunk of the zoo to see some lions, bears, and red pandas (oh my).


At night, I joined some teammates to cheer on the Red Hook Crit 5K and some of the bike races. It was so much fun to cheer this because the energy of the runners and the crowd was great (we were given cowbells and also brought our own). I could only stay for some of the women’s cyclists but witnessed the pileup right in front of us. I plan to make a full evening out of it next year (but will probably not run it if we’re being honest).

4/30: Church of the Sunday Long Run. I got lucky that Carly had joined and also wanted 10 miles in my pace range of 10:30. We ended up going a little slower then had to pause a couple times while I once again tried to figure out the best route from DUMBO to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I accidentally cut the route a little short from going up Kent Ave. so we included 2/3 of a park loop and ended at Juice Press for our free juice.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.26.47 PM.png

Somewhere way above and over from my hand is the Williamsburg Bridge

Total: 18.9 miles out of a planned 22-27.

Bronx 10 Mile Race Recap


On Sunday the 27th, I was fairly ready for my morning when the alarm went off at 5:21am (so I can snooze until 5:30). I had signed up for this race back in June and it’s my 4th of the NYRR Borough series (ran the NYC Half, Brooklyn Half, and Queens 10K earlier this year). This race was my first ten-mile race ever and my first race in the Bronx. I had originally wanted to keep at 9:35 pace throughout, but as my heels started giving me trouble in mid August and continued throughout September, I slowed my goal down to 9:45/mile and then to anything under 10/mile. I want to stay healthy for the Nike Women’s Half in SF October 18th, so I decided to treat this as a training run more than anything.

And that’s what happened. Before the 8am gun, I sipped some Gatorade (only available up near the start because of the Bronx 5K that was occurring) and stopped to talk to a speedier teammate on my way back to my corral. By the time I was done drinking and about to line up, the corrals were all moving up closer to the start. I slipped in somewhere near my “I’ letter but ran into teammates who were in G and H, then a friend who was in J found me. She and I went over our goals for the race (1. finish 2. steadyish pace 3. feel “ready” for our upcoming half marathons) and agreed to at least start together.

We carried on a conversational pace hovering around 10 minutes for the first 5 miles, clocking in a 9:45 third mile, then a slower 4th mile when we slowed for some water. We got to see the winners and sub-elites after the turnaround when we were done with 3 miles and they were done with 7, which was amazing. We applauded for a lot of them and Jaime was able to let out a fair amount of wooos for the women. I then got to see some fast PPTC teammates and cheer for them (and vice versa), which was a huge boost. I was smiling a lot through the 10K mark and enjoying the upbeat tunes around the parkĀ turnaround. Our legs were definitely feeling heavier right around the 5 mile mark, so I popped 2 pink lemonade Honey Stinger chews and washed them down with some Gatorade. TheĀ mild downhills gave us a lot to look forward to. Our chitchat grew more intermittent and we tried to count down the hills remaining. I took 2 more Honey Stingers at Mile 7 with some water.

Finally, with only 1.5 miles to go, I was feeling ready to “finish strong”. I picked up the pace to a 9:30 then sped up the last mile to a 9:00, and a sprint finish. The finish line really snuck up on me after a small uphill/downhill. I was hoping for some finish line photos, but MarathonFoto only has the cheesy ones I took with Jaime, including where the photog told us to bite our medals. Better than sorority arm, I guess?

I can’t wait to wear the shirt for this race because it is neon green and will hopefully help with visibility at night. I’m so glad I got to do this race for my 4/6 (guaranteed entry to the 2016 NYC Half!), see some more of the Bronx than my usual work-related Fordham Rd. jaunts, and feel more race-ready for SF.

Waving hello to the final water station teammate
Waving hello to the final water station teammate
Strava Pacing and Elevation Profile
Strava Pacing and Elevation Profile
After the finish
After the finish, clutching Gatorade cup